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Event Volunteering with
Harm Reduction Circle

Harm Reduction Circle is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to reduce overdose & other drug-related harm at music festivals, concerts & other nightlife events.



The Event Team consists of two roles: Booth Team & Roaming Homies, & each plays a critical role in promoting harm reduction & reducing the risk of overdose & other harms at events..

Booth Team

The Booth Team volunteers provide harm reduction information & supplies, facilitate drug checking & Narcan education & distribution, & answer questions from event attendees. They also help maintain a positive & respectful environment at events & represent the organization in a professional & respectful manner. Booth volunteers may also be responsible for event setup & breakdown, ensuring that all necessary harm reduction supplies & equipment are stocked, maintaining accurate records, coordinating with the Roaming Team, assisting event attendees with medical emergencies or issues related to substance use, & reporting any incidents or concerns to their Team Supervisor.

Roaming Homies

The Roaming Homies Team volunteers provide essential harm reduction support by actively engaging with event attendees throughout the event space. They roam the venue, offering harm reduction supplies, & information to event-goers while assessing the overall safety of the event & identifying areas of concern, such as overcrowding or potential safety concerns. Roaming Homies act as a visible harm reduction presence to promote the safe use of drugs & alcohol, monitor & respond to medical emergencies, & alert the appropriate personnel. They work closely with the Booth Team.

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