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Mission & Vision

At Harm Reduction Circle, our vision is a world where drug-related harms are minimized, & all individuals have access to healthcare & support through collaboration. We believe that collaboration is essential to addressing the needs of individuals & communities, & we welcome partnership inquiries from businesses, nonprofits, event organizers, promoters, & individuals who share our mission.



Our mission is to reduce drug-related harms & promote the well-being of individuals who use drugs, particularly those who are underserved & marginalized. We strive to create a culture of harm reduction that prioritizes the health & well-being of all individuals, regardless of their background or experiences. We believe that harm reduction is a compassionate & pragmatic approach to drug use, & it is an essential component of public health.


Our work is grounded in principles of harm reduction, including respect for individual autonomy, human rights, & dignity. We are committed to meeting individuals where they are, & we believe that everyone deserves access to healthcare & support, regardless of their past or current drug use. We are passionate about exploring out-of-the-box & unconventional ideas that can result in impactful collaborations & solutions.  Our ultimate goal is to reduce the negative impacts of drug use on individuals & communities & to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Join us in this mission & help create a more compassionate & equitable world.

How You Can Help

There are many ways to support our mission at Harm Reduction Circle, including donating, volunteering, spreading the word, partnering with us, & advocating for harm reduction. Join us in promoting healthcare access & reducing drug-related harm.

Make a Donation

Your financial support helps us continue to provide services to underserved & marginalized communities.


We welcome volunteers to help with outreach, event planning, fundraising, & other initiatives.

Partner with Us

We welcome collaborations with businesses, nonprofits, event organizers, individuals who share our mission.

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