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Wanted: Multiple Festival Harm Reduction Volunteer

Festival Harm Reduction Volunteer We are seeking a Festival Harm Reduction Volunteers to join our team! Harm Reduction Circle is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to reduce overdose & other drug-related harm at music festivals, concerts & other nightlife events. We achieve this through non-judgmental peer education & innovative methods aimed at breaking down stigma & empowering participants, all while utilizing proven evidence-based strategies. In addition to our nightlife focus, we also support underserved populations, such as homeless individuals, sex workers & PWUD, through regional initiatives. Harm Reduction Circle Event Teams consists of two essential roles: Booth Team & Roaming Homies. Each role plays a critical part in promoting harm reduction & reducing the risk of overdose & other harms at events. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to make a positive impact, develop new skills, & meet new people. Booth Team volunteers provide harm reduction information and supplies, facilitate drug checking & Narcan education & distribution, & answer questions from event attendees. They also help maintain a positive & respectful environment at events and represent the organization in a professional & respectful manner. We have established teams that operates in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, & Utah. We occasionally operate in other states as well. As a volunteer, you will gain access to the Inner Circle, our volunteer hub where you will receive comprehensive pre-event training covering harm reduction principles, techniques, & strategies, as well as the organization's policies & procedures. Volunteers also receive practical training in drug checking, naloxone administration, & successful festival-related harm reduction strategies. Responsibilities: Position 1: Booth Team

  • Provide harm reduction information & supplies to event attendees

  • Facilitate drug checking & Narcan education & distribution

  • Maintain a positive & respectful environment at event

  • Represent the organization in a professional & respectful manner

  • Assist with event setup & breakdown

  • Ensure that all necessary harm reduction supplies & equipment are stocked

  • Maintain accurate records

  • Coordinate with the Roaming Team

  • Assist event attendees with medical emergencies or issues related to substance use

  • Report any incidents or concerns to their Team Supervisor

Positon 2: Roaming Homies

  • Actively engage with event attendees throughout the event space

  • Offer harm reduction supplies & information to event-goers while assessing the overall safety of the event

  • Identify areas of concern, such as overcrowding or potential safety concerns

  • Act as a visible harm reduction presence to promote the safe use of drugs & alcohol

  • Monitor & respond to medical emergencies

  • Alert the appropriate personnel

  • Work closely with the Booth Team


  • Complete a comprehensive training program, including online modules & in-person training sessions with experienced Harm Reduction Circle team members

  • Knowledge of harm reduction principles, drug awareness, emergency response, & other important topics

  • Ability to maintain a positive & respectful environment at events

  • Willingness to represent the organization in a professional & respectful manner

  • Availability to volunteer at events in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, & Utah

Time Commitment:

This is an unpaid volunteer opportunity that allows for picking your own hours. At festivals & other nightlife events, the number of hours we ask our volunteers varies based on the length of the event, amount of volunteer support needed, & other factors. (Example: at a typical 3-day festival, we commonly require between 12-16 hours total). Other opportunities are available outside of festivals to those who sign up as a volunteer with Harm Reduction Circle.


  • Make a positive impact by promoting harm reduction practices & reducing drug-related risks in your community.

  • Develop new skills & gain valuable experience in harm reduction, event management, & public health.

  • Receive free entry to concerts, music festivals, & other events where we provide harm reduction services.

  • Meet new people who share your passion for the harm reduction & music festival safety.

  • Expand your network & receive career guidance opportunities.

  • Enjoy flexible volunteering opportunities that allow you to choose events that work best for you.

  • Take advantage of discounts, promotions, & other perks for being a part of our organization.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please submit your resume using VolunteerMatch & if we kindly ask that you complete our brief volunteer application on our website

We look forward to hearing from you at Harm Reduction Circle!


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