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We're on Fox News Discussing Test Strip & Narcan Distro in Las Vegas at When We Were Young Festival

Catch Harm Reduction Circle on Fox News tonight discussing supply distribution at When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas! “I started this [organization] because I was just tired of seeing people go out & try & have a good time— & now their best friend passed away because they just didn’t carry Narcan or didn’t test the substance,” said the founder Annastasia Rose Beal.

Harm Reduction Circle has been to more than 50 music festivals since it was founded in 2020 when fentanyl started to creep into party drugs on the West Coast.

“If it prevents even maybe one overdose, then it’s more than worth it,” said volunteer Lily Wilson Rodgers, who coordinates efforts in Nevada for Harm Reduction Circle.

Volunteers will be wearing black shirts with a pink logo that states, “Harm Reduction Circle.” Anyone who needs strips or Narcan can contact volunteers before the festival. Harm Reduction Circle can be reached via phone call or text at +1 (949) 659-8180.

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