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We’ll Be At Moontribe Anniversary

Moontribe is back in full swing this week! Just in time for Anniversary!

Our set up at this event will be a little bit different than at previous events. Per the council’s explicit request our set up at this event will not included signs or banners of any kind. We’ve also been asked to not set up the price wheel, give out any prizes, or have a raffle at this event. We will not be distributing water bottles but we will have a water refill station available to those who ask. Additionally, We have permission to distribute essential items on an as-needed basis only as they counsel fears people could potentially become reliant on our services.

All FMG volunteers managing the gate, at Moonlanding, & at Love Posse will be informing guests of our services & to look for us right near the dance floor at the bright yellow canopy. With that said, they have asked us to set up our bright yellow 10 x 20 canopy so we can be easily recognizable. There we will be creating a welcoming lounge space for event goers & we’ll focus on educating everyone on harm reduction via our flyers & brochures. Our free substance testing will be on a word-of-mouth basis. No testing will be done at our main boot, rather we’ll be doing our testing at a secondary location using our smaller 10 x 10 canopy which will either be set up directly behind our main canopy or it will be located several car lengths away. The counsel is in full support of our free substance testing services but they stress that we need to do it as discretely as possible. Like us, they do not condone the use of illegal drug nor do they condemn it. Rather they acknowledge that it’s an inevitable part of our community & through us they aim to offer free harm reduction services to those who willingly choose to partake in drug use at their event.

Moontribe Collectives Core Values…

  1. Love yourself. Love others. Love the world.

  2. Dancing brings us together, making our connection stronger.

  3. Hold space for people to realize their higher self & raise the vibration.

  4. FMG is a DIY community & together we co-create our experience

  5. The dancefloor is a moonlit sacred space.

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