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We’re Changing Our Name to Harm Reduction Circle

When I first started the Free Substance Testing Booth in early 2021 I already knew about the stigmas around harm reduction & around drug use so I wanted everything I did regarding the booth to be very upfront & very direct. That’s why I chose such a blunt name like Free Substance Testing Booth. Now that we’re getting more established, building valuable relationships within different communities I feel a name change could lead to many benefits. For example, I know that the name we have now is rather abrasive & can be off-putting to some event hosts. I believe that by changing the name we’ll be able to get into more events & reach more diverse communities.

I recognize that changing the name of the booth may cause some confusion for some people. I’m going to take as many actions as I can to prevent this. For example, if once we change our name people are already familiar with the old name & they search for the old name on Facebook they will still be directed to the old Facebook page. There they will find a link to our new Facebook page with our new name.

Additionally, for the next year or two I plan to keep the old web domain active so if anyone tries to go to our old website or scans an old QR code they will be automatically redirected to our new website instead.

We are also planning to get an all new logo made for us. At the same time we are completely redoing our entire website from top to bottom to more or less match the color scheme of the new logo. We want everything to be as streamline & as consistent as possible during this branding refresh!

With this branding refresh we’ll also need all new marketing materials. We’ll also be taking this opportunity to modify our existing brochures & flyers to include the new name & out new logo & to all match our new color scheme.

Moving forward our new name will be Harm Reduction Circle! This will be the name we use on everything including the new Facebook page we already created, our new website will be (or maybe even .org if we have the 501c3 process done prior to launch), & our marketing material along with our educational brochures will flaunt this new name too! Harm Reduction Circle!

Will this affect our volunteers in any way? To put it simply, not really. More or less it’s we are just renaming ourselves along with revamping our logo, website, & printed materials. That’s all!

Be sure to check out the Official Launch which goes down January 12th, 2022 at 6pm PST here on Facebook! (Link in the comments below)! When we officially launch our new website we plan on also hosting an online livestream with several speakers, performances, & more! We’ll release more information to everybody about the livestream launch as the date gets closer. We want to make sure everything is in order & ready to go before the official launch, so please be patient with us while we prepare for this amazing change!

Annastasia Rose Beal Director / Founder of Harm Reduction Circle

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