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Volunteer with Harm Reduction Circle

We need YOU to help establish our 8 new teams capable of each providing harm reduction services at local festivals, raves, & other nightlife events! 🥳 🎉 Harm Reduction Circle currently consists of more than 350+ highly dedicated individuals & we’re currently establishing 8 new teams in 2022! We now have 11 teams underway in 9 different states including Northern California, Southern California, San Diego, Colorado, Las Vegas, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New England, Florida, & Oregon. 🙌

All of our teams provide services focussed on raising awareness & preventing overdoses through education on various harm reduction methods. Some of our event services include complimentary substance testing, staff training, trip guidance, along with Narcan Training & Distribution. Through our various online programs we’re even able to provide widespread distribution of life-saving overdose prevention supplies, including Narcan through the 🍭 NarKandi Exchange Program 🍭

If you want to help prevent overdoses in your local community & in communities across the country we definitely want you on one of our teams 💯🥰 We are already booked for 20 events this year, & we’re looking to finish staffing all 11 of our new teams before the start of Summer 2022. Once a team is fully staffed we supply each team with all of the necessary equipment & supplies needed to independently service local festivals & events to provide our complete list of harm reduction services.

In addition to looking for volunteers across the country to work festivals & events, we are also looking to fill several management positions that can either be done on-site or remotely. 😊

Visit our website to complete an online application to be considered for 1 or more of our teams! If there’s no team in your area, our application contains information on how we can help you provide harm reduction locally without a team!

Learn More & Apply Online:

Book HRC For Upcoming Events:

NarKandi Exchange Program: 🍭

Make a Donation via PayPal:

Harm Reduction Saves Lives 💜

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