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Updates Surrounding PayPal Deferment Emails

Thank you for contacting Harm Reduction Circle; my name is Annastasia Rose Beal, Executive Director & founder. On December 13th, on behalf of our organization, I issued an official statement addressing difficulties with orders placed between February & September 2022. I did my best in the statement to explain the details surrounding the Narcan shipping delays & to provide information to resolve any issues. I'll include a link to the whole statement Here.

We urged people in the December 13th announcement to request PayPal refunds if their order from the timeframe above was still unfulfilled. Unfortunately, PayPal has deferred several disputes on previous orders since they were not opened inside their filing date, & hence will not investigate for the time being. We did not anticipate this, but we do want to address these issues & make right on them.

We are a VERY limited team, so we ask for patience & understanding as we work through these emails, especially during the holiday season. Our goal is to respond to all incoming emails by January 20th at the latest in order to resolve concerns with orders placed before October 2022, particularly those deferred from PayPal.

If you received a deferment email from PayPal following the filing of a dispute, please Send Us an Email with a screenshot & we will respond as soon as possible to resolve these difficulties on a case-by-case basis. Please avoid sending duplicate emails if at all feasible.

Beginning in October 2022, orders will be processed through a new system & handled by a dedicated individual, & we no longer anticipate any complications. Orders are currently sent within 3-31 days. Click Here to learn more about the new system.

As we move forward, my hope is to reestablish a positive relationship with the communities we serve & to encourage community feedback, whether positive or bad. We want to make changes in our day-to-day operations based on the feedback we receive in order to better meet the needs of individuals we serve. If you'd like to send us some feedback, please visit our Google Form by Click Here.

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