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Upcoming Event: RAVE’n Fair November 18-20th, 2022

Event Name:

RAVE’n Fair


November 18-20th, 2022


Arizona Desert (Near Superior, AZ)

Event Information:

Renaissance-Era Meets Rave Scene!!

Prepare yourself for a magical weekend of fantasy in make-believe meets EDM meet all of us = EPIC PARTY!!!

See you there or you’ll wish you were - Def one to make it to!!

You Can Expect:

Two Music Stages w/ 25+ DJ’s

Performance Stage w/ Fashion Show, Drum Circle, Drag Show, Comedy Show & More TBA!


Fair Games / Costumes

Restrooms On-Site & Hand Washing Stations

Free Water (While Supplies Last)

Flow Artists & LIVE Artists

Food Vendors, Art Vendors, & Craft Vendors

Make-Believe - 👀

Harm Reduction Circle (of course!!)

What to Bring:

Be sure to bring enough camping gear! This includes (but is not limited to) a tent, sleeping bag, mats, pillows, folding chair, flashlights, camp stove, camp fuel, cooking utensils, toilet paper, baby wipes, hygiene products, trash bags, bug spray, sunscreen, & all other camping essentials. Always bring extra clothing appropriate for the region & the season. Always bring extra clothing or an extra blanket just to be safe!


Expect daytime temperatures up to 70° & a low possible of 51° at night. Expect wind speeds of 3-15 mph. Please plan accordingly! Plan Accordingly! Click Here to read more about the expected weather for Superior, Arizona in the month of November.

Get Involved with Harm Reduction Circle at RAVE'n Fair

CLICK HERE to show interest in volunteering with Harm Reduction Circle at RAVE’n Fair!


This is an INDEPENDENT/UNDERGROUND event & everything that implies. Event Host & affiliates are not responsible for refunds, injury, theft, damage, loss, fines, death, or dismemberment regardless of any negligence by anyone while traveling to, from, while at the event, or after as a result of attending. USE THE RAVE BUDDY SYSTEM & PARTY SAFELY

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