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Upcoming Event: Meals on Onewheels OC - Saturday, March 18th

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

What is Meals on Onewheels:

This project focuses on increasing community involvement by recruiting riders & volunteers for distribution efforts & local businesses for support to provide nutritious meals to the homeless population of Orange County, California. When possible, we aim to incorporate on-the-go harm reduction measures. 🛞💨


Saturday, March 18th, 2023

10:00am to 1:00pm

**Be sure to arrive early**


Santa Ana Train Station - Parking Lot

1000 E Santa Ana Blvd

Santa Ana, CA 92701

What to Expect:

Our outreach event in March 2023 will serve approximately 150 bags, raffles with gear provided by Future Motion & more, & connect with riders of Onewheels & other personal electric vehicles (PEV).

How it Works:

Volunteers at HQ prepare food & assemble bags, meanwhile, riders are distributing bags in a designated area & return to HQ as needed to re-up.

No Onewheel? No Problem!:

If you don't own a Onewheel or other PEV you can still get involved by offering support during setup & bag prep!

Outreach Schedule:

10-11am: Set Up & Vibe Time

11-1pm: Ride, Deliver Bags, Re-Up, Repeat!

1-2pm: Clean Up & Vibe Time

2pm: Group Ride **(TBD)**

Fun Stuff:

This event will feature the distribution of approximately 150 bags, raffles for riders/volunteers to take home gear provided by Future Motion™ & gifts from local businesses like Panera Bread, Applebee's, & more!



Event Sponsors:

Questions/Partnership Inquiry:

Meals on Onewheels™ is not affiliated with Future Motion Inc., the makers of Onewheel™. Onewheel™ is a registered trademark of Future Motion Inc.

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