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Upcoming Event: ∞Infinity∞

Event Name: ∞Infinity

Date: May 6-8th, 2022

Location: Southern California

Event Information: Infinity suggests that every scenario imaginable and unimaginable, are all real and happening – and in every instant. Everything in the cosmos is in a continual motion. There is a oneness we have with the universe; an unbroken connection with one another. Our time on this earth may be finite but our fractal souls exist forever. We have endless possibilities in front of us! This world is a part of an infinite reality – one we should enjoy. We gather to remind ourselves that we are connected, limitless, and eternal. So, get comfortable, get loose, stay awhile… Use the tools and knowledge we can attain in this world to live in appreciation, awe, and love. Recognize you’re infinite. ∞ Love Gatherings is all about LOVE! We gather collectively to celebrate life through dance music, art and communion. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression to where you can’t help but spread the love everywhere you go.

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