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Upcoming Event: IGNITE❤️‍🔥LOVE by Flow Tribe

Event Name: IGNITE❤️‍🔥LOVE by Flow Tribe

Date: Saturday, February 11th, 2023 (12:30pm - 1:00am)

Location: Private Venue, 1547 6th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Event Information:

Join us Saturday, February 11th, 2023 (12:30pm - 1:00am) as we open our hearts & IGNITE❤️‍🔥LOVE again! This Valentine's weekend, we will embark on a fun-filled journey as we immerse & pamper ourselves in a full day of authentic love & connection. You will experience a full curated day of fun, healthy activities & juicy workshops with a focus on authentic connections & love. Come share in deep conversations, fun connection games, beautiful live art with the high vibe dance beats through our lineup of amazing DJs, & play with others who believe in living life to the fullest in full self-expression! If you are craving authentic connection & transformative experiences that make you feel alive & energized, this immersive experience has been curated specially for you! We will dance the night away in a creative art & beautiful gallery space designed to inspire & bring people together. Let your heart soar & your spirit runs free as we immerse ourselves in a day of celebration & fanciful accompanied by deep house music, drum beats, live surprises, & amazing flow performers. During the day you can expect high-quality & authentic connection workshops to feel the love for yourself & each other. After dark, the Ignite Vibe sets in with Ecstatic & Dance music to delight your ears & your dancing feet.

Space is limited, as we want to keep the vibe intimate & have ample room to move. Don't wait until the last minute to reserve your spot! Please do it now & take advantage of the early discounts. Also, no discounts on the day of the event, so please don't ask our staff.

All ages are welcome prior to 6:00pm. Adult's only (21+) after 6:00pm. No pets please (for their safety).

About Flow Tribe:

In the early pandemic period of 2020, FLOW🔥TRIBE started organically as a community to help individuals overcome Fear & Isolation through Love & Connection. Initially, silent disco headsets were used at some of our first events in May of 2020, where we danced & connected with one another in nature, while safely socially distancing. We were one of the first groups in the US, during the early pandemic lockdown period to create dance, connection & meditation events, while utilizing the headset technology in safe nature spaces to bring so much-needed healing to ourselves & our community. Our evolution & growth have led to the creation of a spiritual community with multiple conscious events that we all love, with a focus on yoga, meditation, sound healing, authentic connection, live art, conscious movement, dance, & live music; all the beautiful things that put us in the heart space & Flow State of mind.

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