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Canceled: Everywhen Project October 12-16th, 2022

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Event Name: Everywhen Project

Date: October 12-16th, 2022

Location: North Edwards, California

35°05'14.8"N 117°49'31.4"W

Event Information: The theme for this event is Allegory of the Cave. The event follows the Everywhen do-acracy philosophy, where ideas, tall tales & adventures, including those on the fringe, are embarked upon by those who revel in the ethereal circus of art & performances, & where desert landscapes breathe life into fantastical dreams.

Everywhen 101

Bring Art:

- Bring art to the Everywhen & give it continued life after the event.

- Upcycle projects & reuse material when & where possible.

- Assemble or disassemble art within 3 days.

Tell Tall Tales:

- Share a greatly exaggerated, fantastic story.

- Create a powerfully pleasing, appealing, or delightful experience

Do No Harm:

- Be kind to one another.

- Protect the environment & its inhabitants.

Leave No Trace:

- Don't be trashy. Pack it in, pack it out!

Bring Food, Water, & Shelter:

- While Mojave Beach lies in close(ish) proximity to the established world, coming prepared for every scenario is a must. The Mojave climate is one of the extremes with common temperature shifts of 40°+ degrees paired with strong & sometimes ceaseless winds.

Desert Camping Basics:

- YOU alone are responsible for your own food, water, shelter, shade, transportation, & above all self-care!

- Dress yourself to reflect your innermost existential truths, or just to stand out from a crowd so your camp-mates can find you easily passed out in the cuddle puddle down the road.

- Cooking fires are allowed, provided you have an extinguisher or bucket of sand nearby, so bring what you need to keep yourself warm!

- You are responsible for your experience, your impact, & especially your garbage.

- Remember that is a Leave No Trace event!

Location, Location, Location:

For this event, our 10ft x 20ft canopy will be set up adjacent to the medical tent to easily provide rangers/medical trip sitting support for green dots as needed.

Arrival Info:

The festival is actually located approximately 15 minutes outside of North Edwards, California. The exact GPS coordinates are 35˚05’14.8”N 117˚49’31.4”W. The event will be taking place on the same property where Wasteland Weekend is held. The actual address for this event is 17200 E Rosewood Blvd Edwards, CA 93523. The dirt road to the festival site is well maintained & is very easy to drivetake a screenshot of this!


Expect daytime temperatures to be up to 87° & a low possible of 50° at night.

The Mojave climate is one of the extremes with common daytime temperatures up to 87° & a low possible of 50° at night. During early October, the days are typically bright, sunny, & warm. The evenings will be chilly. Layering clothes is advised. The fall season often brings strong & sometimes ceaseless winds. During these wind events, we advise monitoring your ground anchors & hunkering down until the winds cease. Be prepared with goggles & a dust mask! Plan Accordingly!

HRC Community Activities Schedule:

NarKandi Making: Thursday 2:00pm

Twister ULTIMATE: Friday 3:00pm

Everywhen Got Talent: Friday 8:00pm

Pancake Breakfast: Saturday 8:00-9:00am

Cards Against Humanity: Saturday 10:00pm

Pizza Party: Sunday 12:00-1:00pm

Twister ULTIMATE: Sunday 12:30pm

NarKandi Making: Sunday 2:00pm

Volunteer with HRC at Everywhen Project!

Get involved with Harm Reduction Circle at Everywhen Project & receive a free Volunteer Admissions Ticket to the festival in exchange for your participation on our Event Team! If you're interested & would like to learn more, Click Here to fill out a Volunteer Application!

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