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Share Our Link for Discount Testing Supplies - HRC Gets Commission

Our partner DoseTest offers testing supplies on products like reagent testing kits & Fentanyl test strips at a price point lower than its competitors.

Price per Reagent Testing Kit

DoseTest 10-1: $59.95

DanceSafe 9-1: $119.00

Bunk Police 11-1: $115.00

Price per Fentanyl Test Strip

DoseTest: $0.99

DanceSafe: $2.09

Bunk Police: $1.99

Share Our Links & Promo Code!

When our direct link is used or our promo code, we receive a commission of 25% on orders for reagents & we receive a 10% commission on orders for test strips.

Promo Code: HarmReductionCircle

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