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Paid Opportunity: VICE Media x Gilead: For The Record

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Please review the information below. If you are interested in this opportunity & meet their desired criteria, please immediately call & text Harm Reduction Circle to be connected with VICE Media.

Introduction: My name is Naomi & I'm an Associate Casting Producer at VICE Media. I hope you’re well! I’m casting for a branded custom video for Gilead Sciences currently titled “For The Record” & I’m reaching out to see if you might know anyone who may be a good fit to be featured. The blurb is below. This is a paid opportunity. We have been casting for a couple of months now, but only on the east coast. Due to the difficulties of finding stories, we are opening it up to anywhere in the continental US (no Hawaii or Alaska). In this special episode of For the Record, Gilead Sciences & VICE News take the first-person plunge into the human side of the opioid crisis & Hepatitis C. To prove Gilead as an ally, we’ll lean into what VICE News is known for – unvarnished truth from diverse & authentic points of view – as our host covers transmission risk through injectable drugs, & learns from real patients’ experiences to uncover how the virus can be prevented from spreading into future generations, & positioning curing Hep C with modern medicine the easy choice no matter your circumstances.

Someone who’s addiction to IV drugs led from a legitimate medical prescription, who contracted Hep C from their drug use, & who was treated for Hep C. This person is our expert in unpacking the link between Opioids & Hep C.

Opportunity Details: There are a ton of other details I would like to share upfront: You must be located anywhere in the continental US, & we will come to you! You must be available for 1x shoot day tentatively scheduled for October, exact dates are TBD (please share any dates you're not available). You must be available for up to 12x hours on said shoot day, schedule completely cleared You must be available for at least 2x director &/or creative calls ahead of the shoot ranging anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length. You must be available for additional VO work after the shoot, assume 3-5 hours, the exact dates are TBD & we will make efforts to work with your availability. COVID Protocols. VICE requires all on-set personnel (cast, crew, agency, & client) to have received a COVID-19 vaccination & you & everyone participating must agree to show proof of vaccination status in order to be involved. You & everyone involved must agree to take a PCR COVID-19 test 2-3 days ahead of the shoot day & will share the results with the Company. You & everyone involved must agree to wear a mask on set so as to be safety compliant when cameras are not rolling & when asked (e.g crew in close proximity).

Miscellaneous: You acknowledge this is a non-union shoot, & agree to work non-union. If you have tattoos &/or body art, you agree to either: ensure we can get proper releases of that artwork (e.g. artist must agree that they have created the body artwork & sign paperwork gratis) or you must allow Production to cover body artwork with makeup &/or clothing. Important to know that Gilead has made us aware that they do not want to feature anyone that has used a competitive medicine to treat their Hep C (competitive to Gilead e.g. Abbvie/Mavyret, Merck/Zepatier). While we are not asking anyone to speak about specific medications or say Gilead on camera at all, they are most comfortable featuring talent that can align with the brand authentically.

Compensation: For all of the above, compensation is $2,000 all in. If you’re interested &/or available or know someone that might be, let me know asap, at least within the next 48 hours. It's important to note that this is not a formal offer, it is simply to check the interest for now.


Associate Casting Producer


Please review the information above. If you are interested in this opportunity & meet their desired criteria, please immediately call & text Harm Reduction Circle to be connected with VICE Media.

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