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Goodbye, Discord. Hello, Inner Circle!

You Spoke, & We Listened!

To say that navigating the Harm Reduction Circle Discord server was difficult would be an understatement. Instead of having to navigate through an endless array of categories & threads on Discord, we've built the Inner Circle, a website devoted to our volunteers. Inner Circle is simple & user-friendly, & it's set up so that our volunteers can find everything they need in one spot.

What's on Each Inner Circle Page?

Welcome: Introduction to Inner Circle & detailed summary of each page

Forum: Latest announcements, general chatroom, & team chats

Upcoming Events: Complete list of upcoming events & ability to take on available shifts

Documents/Resources: Important documents & other in-house resources for volunteers

Training & Education: In-house training courses, videos, & information on key harm reduction topics

Request Free Supplies: Forms for volunteers to request free supplies

Voluteer Benefits: Offers, discounts, & promotions exclusively for our volunteers

Available Positions: For volunteers who want to take on additional roles outside of festivals or events

Volunteer FAQ: In-depth FAQ exclusively for volunteers

Contact: Direct contact information of each HRC management team for immediate access to anyone, anytime

How We Made Navigating Even Easier

In addition to the detailed summary found on the Welcome page, at the top of each page, we've included a detailed description of what exactly you accomplish or find on that particular page.

It's Not Too Late to Get Involved!

Want to volunteer with Harm Reduction Circle? Join the Inner Circle? Fill out a volunteer application by CLICKING HERE!

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