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Available Positions

On-Site Booth Team – This is our most important role by far! This on-site position entails welcoming guests who walk up to the booth, educating them on our services & then providing those services to them. Testing Booth Admins are also responsible for handling the prize wheel & raffles we offer to incentivize participation. This position also entails doing the actual substance testing which is the most important part. Anyone who joins our On-Site Booth Team will be throughly trained on how to use each test we offer as well as how to to determine which tests to use depending on the substance. Additionally, our On-Site Booth Team is responsible for keeping detailed notes on which tests were performed as well as their results & then properly relaying that information to other members of our team. This position requires someone who’s outgoing & friendly, someone who can gain the trust of those skeptical of our services, multitasking, & someone who can take instruction.

The Online Outreach position is solely responsible for reaching out to those who are hosting events & educating them that our services exists, encourage them to invite us out to their upcoming event by filling out the form on our website, & even helping them fill out that form when needed. This position requires someone who is well-worded & can easily convey information. Someone who’s experienced in sales or negotiations would thrive in this position.

The On-Site Outreach position entailing attending any events where we have our booth set up & going around the event & informing party goers about our booth & all of the services we offer. The primary role of this position is to get event goers to come over to the booth to test their substances. This position requires someone who’s outgoing, personable, & who can encourage others to participate in substance testing.

Set Up & Tear Down Team – As our booth becomes larger more complex we need a dedicated team to setting up & taking down our booth on-site at events. This position requires lifting 50+ pounds, some decorating skills, & organizational skills.

Social Media Manager – This at-home position entails managing our website, Facebook page, & our email account. Our Social Media Manager will be solely responsible for maintaining our website is up to date & engaging to visitors. They will be responsible for regularly posting creative, informative, & engaging posts to our Facebook page. This position also entails responding to all incoming correspondence from those interested in booking us for their upcoming event(s) or answering questions about our services to any incoming emails. Also, forwarding any requests to join our team directly to Annastasia Rose Beal for review will be one of your duties as well. This position requires attention to detail, speedy responses to any incoming emails, & being able to properly convey information in a well thought out & easy to understand way.

Equipment Manager – We are in desperate need of someone to be solely responsible for transporting our larger equipment items on-site to events. Ideally, this person would also have the capability to store larger equipment safely at their home or property. If absolutely necessary we would consider covering the cost of a small storage unit for our larger items. This position requires having reliable transportation. Travel expenses will be covered for our Equipment Manager.

Financial & Inventory Manager – This position entails two primary tasks that go hand-in-hand. First, this position requires carefully tracking all incoming donations either through our website or by cash donations at events we attend. Secondly, this position would then entail using those funds to purchase items that we need for our upcoming events (flyers, business cards, testing kits, etc). This position requires someone who’s extremely detail oriented, phenomenal with finances, & someone who’s able to properly manage our inventory.

Other – If there is another position you think we should add where you feel you’d shine please let us know below!

Important Note: These are all volunteer positions & therefore there will be no financial compensation. We will always cover the cost of entry into events for anyone needed on-site at an event if it’s not already covered by the event hosts. On a case-by-case basis we offer to cover travel expenses.

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