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Check Out Our New Canopy Design!

Last month at a Burning Man regional event the frame of the 10 x 20 canopy utilized by our Southern California team was severely damaged in numerous places due to unexpected high winds. Despite our warranty covering incidents like this, the repairs could not be completed in time for our next booking in SoCal. Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel our attendance at ∞ Infinity ∞ from May 6-8th.

However, we were able to find a local manufacturer that could create a unique 10 x 10 design in time for our booking the following weekend.

To be honest, having to purchase a smaller 10 × 10 canopy worried me quite a bit. We've always used the larger 10 x 20 structure. After seeing a sneak glimpse of one of the new walls, I'm completely sold on this new setup & can't wait for its debut at Joshua Tree Music Festival, May 12-15!

There are also matching accessories too!

Once the 10 x20 frame is repaired in late May or early June we'll be ordering new walls & roof to match the design of the 10 x 10 setup pictured above. At that time we will be sending this 10 x 10 setup to one of the newer teams currently being established.

Stay tuned!

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