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CAMP TRiP: Revibe

Over the weekend we attending CAMP TRiP: Revibe in the Mojave Desert. For those unfamiliar with CAMP TRiP events, it’s a collective managed by Keeks Deejaye & several of our team members have been attending his events for 4+ years. All-in-all, we just LOVE his events!

Our team at this event consisted of Annastasia, Hannah, Emma, & Dylan. Over the 2 night event we only managed to do about 30 tests. Of those 30 tests we ran just 8 turned out to be what they were expected to be. Everything else we tested came back positive for methamphetamine. Thankfully we detected no fentanyl in any of the substances we tested at this event.

Check out the Facebook event page HERE & be sure to check out the Facebook Page for Camp Trip HERE to see future events like CAMP TRiP Oasis happening later this year!

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