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Burning Man Blurbs from HRC Volunteers

The Narcan Can class was a hit at 7:15 & G with The Living Room. We hosted the class Tuesday & Thursday at noon. I taught all 35 attendees how to Identify & react to opioid overdoses. The class was well received on Tuesday. Each participant took 4 doses 2 for them & some extras for their camps. It was powerful to hear from some campmates & other attendees about their experiences with lost ones due to Fentanyl. On Thursday the class was much more personal since only one person showed up & was willing to learn.

During the week, while randomly roaming I handed, out Narcan to anybody that was willing to listen & accept the gift. By the end, there were about 50 doses left that I donated to my camp for future burns.

- Justin Keenen, Volunteer of Harm Reduction Circle

I successfully supplied all the camps on Esplanade from 6:30 to 10:00 with Narcan. That area covers more than half of the city’s largest theme camps that regularly interact with the public. I was able to connect with familiar faces at Zendo where I met many other Harm Reduction Circle members. While working a shift with Zendo I met with someone who's also local to Orange County, & is very interested in getting more involved with our Southern California harm reduction efforts. Throughout the week I distributed Narcan at my camp to visitors. Lastly, I supplied Narcan to Black Rock Rangers, members working medical, members from Zendo, & guests at the 9 o’clock Plaza.

- Nathaniel Zieke, Volunteer of Harm Reduction Circle

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