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Homeless Outreach Programs

Harm Reduction Circle's Street-Based Outreach programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness within our communities we serve. Our teams of outreach specialists offers education on safer drug use, access to harm reduction supplies, & referrals to healthcare resources, filling the gap left by traditional healthcare settings. 

Our program operates in multiple regions, including Las Vegas, NV, & Orange County, CA, & provides services in community spaces such as parks & street corners where drug use may be prevalent. Our ultimate goal is to create a safer community for everyone by meeting people where they are & building relationships that foster trust, respect, & dignity.


Through our program, we aim to reduce the risk of drug overdose, prevent the spread of infectious diseases, & promote access to healthcare resources. We believe that everyone deserves access to healthcare & support, regardless of their past or current drug use.


Join us in our commitment to creating a culture of harm reduction that prioritizes the health & well-being of individuals experiencing homelessness in our community. Let's work together to promote safer & healthier communities for all.

Street-Based Outreach Programming


In Orange County, our Meals on Onewheels program combining community-based food distribution with mobile street outreach, utilizing Onewheels to quickly & efficiently reach individuals who are at high risk for drug overdoses & provide them with nutritious meals & harm reduction services.


Led by Lily Rodgers, efforts in Las Vegas, NV seeks to reduce the negative consequences of drug use & other risky behaviors among homeless individuals by providing them with access to clean needles, naloxone kits, & education on safe drug use practices. Additional programming  is offered to sex workers.

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