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Harm Reduction Circle

501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organizaiton

Harm Reduction Circle is a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission to provide support & resources to reduce the negative consequences associated with drug & alcohol use. Our unique approach targets both individuals who intend to use substances that place them at high risk for overdose, & those who do not intend to do so – but are still at risk of unknowingly using them.


​Since we began our efforts in the realm of harm reduction in May 2021 we have focused on the underserved nightlife community, which includes concerts, music festivals, raves, & other types of events. We aim to raise awareness & prevent harm through education, resources, supply distribution & various supportive services. Our range of supportive services includes creating safe spaces & sanctuary spaces, drug checking, trip sitting support, training to event staff & guests, & providing distribution of many life-saving overdose prevention supplies, including Narcan Nasal Spray.


In this time we’ve provided services at more than 55 events in our first year of operation & have independently provided virtual Naloxone training to over 13,151 individuals. Since the beginning of 2022, Harm Reduction Circle supplied 23,172 Naloxone doses, over 8,000 condoms, & more than 13,200 clean syringes. In 2022, 170 verified overdose reversals were recorded from our 8,746 Naloxone distribution programs.

Our NarKandi Exchange Program has enabled us to engage the rave community through widespread Narcan distribution through the free exchange of kandi (handmade, brightly colored bracelets made from beads & elastic) for NarKandi (Narcan + Kandi = NarKandi). Through this initiative, we have successfully prevented 100+ overdoses caused by party drugs laced with Fentanyl around the United States in 2022.

We've also recently launched our Duel-Ended Sexual Health Initiative which combines our traditional harm reduction methodology with easy-to-access HIV/HCV testing services across a range of nightlife events. Through collaborative efforts with various local sexual health organizations or practitioners already providing free HIV & Hepatitis C (HCV) this program enables HIV/HCV testing alongside harm reduction at events - at the request of event organizers.


All of our services are aimed at assisting ravers in living better, happier lives
while avoiding fatal overdoses & dangerous infections.


Narcan Numbers for 2022






Updated October 22, 2022

Individuals Trained
Free Shipments Delivered
Individual Doses Distributed
Overdose Deaths in 2022
Overdose Reversals


"A non-profit dedicated to protecting people, one with which I am intensely pleased to work in order to provide Narcan training & Narcan supplies, Harm Reduction Circle is an incredibly valuable resource!"

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