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Advocacy & Education Initiatives

Explore our commitment to evidence-based strategies, peer education, & social justice in reducing drug-related harm & promoting safety in nightlife & underserved communities.

We Believe

In a world where all people are free to express their gender identity and sexual orientation with pride.

based on eveything youve gathered on Harm Reduction Circle, everything we've put together, please write a comprehensieve syllabus for the new advocacy & education page on our website.

I. Introduction to Harm Reduction

  • What is harm reduction and why is it important?

  • The harms of punitive drug policies and the benefits of a harm reduction approach

  • The principles and values of harm reduction, including compassion, respect, and empowerment

  • How Harm Reduction Circle puts harm reduction into practice

II. Evidence-Based Strategies for Harm Reduction

  • Overdose prevention and response, including the use of naloxone

  • Drug checking and harm reduction supplies, such as fentanyl test strips and sterile injection equipment

  • Safer sex education and HIV/HCV prevention

  • Peer education and community outreach

  • Stigma reduction and anti-discrimination efforts

III. Advocacy and Policy

  • Advocating for harm reduction policies and practices at local, state, and national levels

  • Collaborating with other organizations and stakeholders to advance harm reduction goals

  • Understanding the impact of structural inequalities and social determinants of health on drug use and drug-related harm

  • The need for social justice in harm reduction efforts

IV. Supporting Underserved Populations

  • Harm Reduction Circle's regional initiatives to support homeless individuals, sex workers, and people who use drugs

  • Understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by these populations

  • Strategies for addressing structural barriers and promoting health equity

V. Research and Evaluation

  • The importance of ongoing research and evaluation in informing and improving harm reduction interventions and policies

  • Harm Reduction Circle's commitment to using evidence-based practices and adapting to new research findings

  • Opportunities for stakeholders to get involved in research and evaluation efforts

VI. Get Involved

  • Opportunities for volunteers, advocates, and supporters to get involved in Harm Reduction Circle's efforts

  • Ways to donate and support harm reduction initiatives

  • Events and trainings offered by Harm Reduction Circle

VII. Resources

  • Links to helpful resources, including harm reduction guides, research articles, and advocacy organizations

  • Information on Harm Reduction Circle's partners and collaborators

  • Contact information for Harm Reduction Circle staff and volunteers

By following this syllabus, Harm Reduction Circle can create a comprehensive and informative Advocacy & Education Programs Page that supports its mission of reducing overdose and other drug-related harm through evidence-based harm reduction strategies and social justice advocacy.

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